The Directory of Legal Metrology in the Asia-Pacific comprises information Provided by legal metrology authorities in Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation(APEC) economies on the legislation institutional and Co-operational aspects of legal metrology. The information provided by this Directory should improve understanding on the nature or legal metrology in each economy and contribute to regional harmonization or requirements. Discussions with the working groups have highlighted the need for improved regiona1 interaction on legal metrology with the aim of removing technical barriers to trade. The development and publication or this directory following on from the inaugural meeting of the Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum hosted by Australia in Sydney in November 1994, wi11 provide the information which would lead to further discussions on areas of technical cooperation and exchange of information. The information is given under the following headings:
    1.  Laws of Metrology
        1.1  Legal requirements for traceability
    2.  Lega1 Units of Measurement
    3.  Structure or Metrologica1 Control Authorities
        3.1  National organization for legal metrology
        3.2  Custodian of National Standards
        3.3  National organisation responsible for maintaining primary standards 
        3.4  Regional and loca1 certification organizations
        3.5  Instrument calibration and evaluation systems
    4.  Range or Equipment Subject to Legal Metrology
    5.  Type approval (i.e Pattern Approval)
        5.1  Legal and technical requirements for type approval
        5.2  Authority responsible for issuing type approval
        5.3  Recognition/acceptance of OIML Certificates
        5.4  Authority responsible for testing for type approval
        5.5  List or major test facilities available
        5.6  Fee structure
    6.  Verification Conformity Assessment), Inspection and         Reverification
        6.1  Legal and technical requirements for verification and reverification
        6.2  Range of equipment verified and reverified and any statistical information available
        6.3  Fee structure
    7.  Accreditation and Certification Systems
        7.1  Accreditation systems for legal metrology, calibration and testing laboratories, Traceability to national,regional,international or foreign measurment standards        
        7.2  Legal and applied metrological activities in products certification
        7.3  Legal and applied metrological activities in ISO 9000 quality management systems
     8.  Legal Metrology Practitioners
         8.1  Numbers
         8.2  Qualification/training
         8.3  Training organizations and courses organized
         8.4  Range of functions
     9.  Packaging
         9.1  Legislative control for packaging
         9.2  Organization responsible
    10.  Sanctions

Published by the Asia-Pacific Legal Metrology Forum Secretariat>
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